Convention Day 2: Excitement Building

Well my feet were a little better this morning and I made my way to a very interesting breakfast meeting for our delegation.  First, we were greeted by some amazing speakers including Gen. Bud Day (who was a fellow POW with McCain and attended to his injuries; he had the most amazing talk about the time he spent with McCain in the Hanoi Hilton), Michael Steele (former candidate for Governor in Maryland and one of the truly intellectual young stars of the party), and John Bolton (former, tough ambassador to the UN).  Any college group would give its four year budget to get any one of these guys and we had all three.  After the talks, I had the honor to be interviewed by CBS/Channel 2 news along with Kathy Salvi, another delegate, former candidate for Congress and a mother of six.  We were asked about the issues surrounding Palin and what we thought.   I then met with Andy Shaw of ABC/7 to respond to the issues of the day as well.  Both were great opportunities to tell people that no one understands the challenges and adversities we face in life better than John McCain, and by choosing Palin, who has faced many challenges from the oil companies in Alaska to the blessings of two (one to be born) babies, he demonstrates that this campaign is about who can meet adversity with grace, courage and conviction.  I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of understanding and support that has come in response to the pick of Palin.  After breakfast, I attended a Catholic mass and showing of a documentary “Advice and Dissent” about the contentious and bipartisan process for appointing and confirming Supreme Court nominees.  It was something everyone should see.

Whereas I thought I would have the opportunity to shop for campaign souvenirs, I had a pleasant surprise change of plans when I was invited to accompany a Deborah Raho, who works for Catholic Athletes for Christ, in escorting Laura Ingraham while she spoke at the Republican National Coalition for Life reception, sponsored by the Eagle Forum and members of the Texas Delegation.  Phyllis Schlaffly introduced the event and it was an incredible reception.  Laura was called to speak at the last minute after Sarah Palin, the original keynote speaker had to cancel.  We all understand why, she was not the VP pick when she agreed to do this.  We were greeted by Code Pink demonstrators (the first protesters I have seen) but the event was a rousing success.  Laura was emphatic in her support for Palin as a women who walks the walk.   I met some of the nicest, sharpest ladies from the Texas delegation so my hat is off to the strong group down there. 

Laura Ingraham speaks at Republican Coalition for Life event

Laura Ingraham speaks at Republican Coalition for Life event

After the event I headed over to the Convention where we had a tremendous night of speakers:  Laura Bush, President Bush remotely, Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman.  In addition to hearing them, I got to spend a lot of the evening celebrity star gazing.  Our delegation seats are right next to the Fox News stage on the floor so we are right there with their coverage.  I got to meet Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade and countless others.  Yes, it is all corny but each and every one of them was warm and gracious and genuinely glad to pose for photos.  I think this is their “rock star” moment, which I suspect did not happen in Denver.

Sean Hannity, a fellow delegate and me

Sean Hannity, a fellow delegate and me

Me with Brian Kilmeade

Me with Brian KilmeadeSean Hannity, Dick Morris and Alan ColmesGreta Von Susteren interviewing First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain

I ended the evening attending Meghan McCain’s book signing party for her childrens’ book My Dad, John McCain.  She struck me as an incredibly sweet and somewhat shy young woman with a tremendous amount of energy.  I then hobbled home, my feet covered with more wounds and blisters but excited about tomorrow.  There is definitely a feeling in the air that we will have some things to celebrate, if not this week here in Minneapolis, in November and January.  The fundraising efforts for the gulf states continue in full swing and the campaign has not really shifted that focus.  We are waiting to see what happens in the next day or so and how bad the floods and next storms will be.  I have never met so many concerned and diligent people.  I hope that everyone watching the convention gets to see what I see. 


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