3 Days until the Election

I realize that I have been delinquent in updating this diary, but I have been busy doing delegate “things”.  I recently participated in a roundtable discussion sponsored by the America’s Future Foundation, a conservative/libertarian group that promotes discussion on topics related to liberty, originalism, the Constitution and other topics related to conservative government.  It was a lively evening debating the concept of freedom and who is for it, and I came away very impressed by not just the participants but the attendees.  Also, I had the honor to cowrite with my father an Op-Ed piece to be placed in newspapers across Michigan, so I will be sure to add the links when they come in.  Now that all of the official appearance stuff is out of the way, I turn today to campaigning.  I am going up to the one of the Victory Centers in Wisconsin with a friend and our 10 year old daughters.  I think it is just as much a way to show our girls the excitement of a campaign from the grassiest of roots as it is to get voters out there.

Speaking of the campaign, let’s talk about some of the very chilling concerns I have with suppression of free speech.  Not very widely reported is the fact that the Obama campaign asked 3 newspaper reporters to leave its campaign plane.  Wait a minute, three reporters from three somewhat conservative papers, all of which endorsed McCain.  This comes on the heels of  blacklisting a TV station in Florida after a reporter asked very legitimate questions regarding Obama’s political and economic philosophy.  The campaign then went after her husband in much the same way they have maligned Joe the Plumber.  After seeing Obama go out of his way to attack Fox News in the last debate, I hope someone is looking out for Sean Hannity.  Does this not disturb most of us?  My early bet is that one of the first things Obama as President would do would be to push through the oxymoronic “fairness” doctrine to squelch all criticism. 

My concerns about an Obama presidency have grown greater in the last few days.  Dan Henninger in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal wrote a fantastic piece outlining just how much of our traditional economy and government would be eroded.  I implore all Americans to read it.  It is not just policy but character that concerns me.  To be honest, I miss the gentle almost sweet way the Clintons went after those that dissented from them.  I used to call Obama “Johnny Bravo” because I felt that he had been propped up by some very wealthy powerful democrats, bent on removing the Clintons from power and because he as an “attractive” different kind of candidate, they put him in the suit.  This is a reference to the Brady Bunch episode where Greg gets promoted as a pop singer not because he can sing or that he has talent, but because he fit the suit identified with the image.  Of course, Greg Brady had the back bone to stand up and say I am not a puppet.  I no longer feel Obama is a puppet, but that he has successfully used his patrons to promote his own agenda, radical as it is, which is farther to the left than most Democrats would ever want.  He will continue to have the support of those in academia, Hollywood and the media since they share his left wing vision and because they have a lot of money.  His arrogance and over confident approach to the position he might assume is alarming.  Only someone with true humility and graciousness could truly understand the import of what he is about to do.  The only  candidate who gets this is John McCain.  To be honest, I have to believe that even McCain is dumbstruck by the outright hutzpah of his opponent.  Unfortunately, many Americans won’t realize this until too late.


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